Agile Toolkit School

Full training in
Cloud App Development.

All-in-one Course
10 weeks until you become a web application developer
Student Pack
Free cloud resources to share your web apps
Pass the examination and receive certification from Agile Toolkit
Graduate Pack
All graduates receive
6 months of free cloud hosting to get you started
Workshops & Events
Access to ATK workshops and networking events
Share Ideas
All graduates are given access to the Agile Toolkit community forum

The key to being a Successful Web Developer is having the right tools.

This course has been created through collaboration between PHP Framework authors, a NoSQL Cloud service provider and a CSS Framework team to give you a free platform incorporating open-source technology that accelerates the learning process.

10 weeks
7–9 hours per week
Full training & Support
Interactive Workshops

What will you learn?

Web Object Oriented UI

Learn how to re-use web Views and Widgets in Agile Toolkit to create Forms, Buttons, etc.

NoSQL Cloud

Learn about scalability and the benefits of utilizing the NoSQL solution in the cloud

Business Model

Save time on back-end development using Integrated Object Relational Mapping

Themes & Layouts

Make your application unique and user-friendly by utilizing the styling systems of Agile CSS

Become a Certified
Cloud Application Developer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What development experience will I require?

You should be comfortable with code in general. You don't need to know PHP. Object-oriented experience is beneficial.

Do I need to attend all the workshops?

Though you will receive course packets with information, attending as much of the course is critical since each class will lead you through the steps of development. And only those with 80% attendance or more will be able to take the examination for certification.

What will happen during workshop?

You will be coding on your own app, so if you are already familiar with some of the material, you can use this time to polish other areas of your application.

What skills will I have upon completion?

You will have in-depth knowledge of Agile Toolkit and everything you require to build data-driven websites and web applications.