What's new in Agile Toolkit (February 2011)?

Development Changes - February 2011

February 27thAdded <?$_page?> tag

added <?$_page?> tag

APIs template (shared.html) will now properly change _page tag. It will be set to the name of the page you are opening. This is done to help designers define custom layouts on per-page basis inside global CSS.

February 26thAdded setModel()

Using $view->setModel() is a new best way to use models with generic controller. Previously you needd to define controller for each model. This resulted in many controllers being created with no logic at all. Using setModel() allows bypassing the need for a separate model, but also uses array in 2nd argument to specify list of actual fields.

setModel() will return model object. It also accepts either name of the model or existing model object. Note that 'Model_' will be automatically pre-pended to the 1st argument if it's string, so instead of Model_Employee you should use simply Employee.

New Objects P, H1, H2, etc

Agile Toolkit now contains many classes which should help you building mark-up faster. We still recommend you to use Templates where possible, but it's better to use:

$p->add('H1')->set('Hello there');
instead of
$p->add('Text')->set('<h1>Hello there</h1>');
All those views are inherited from HtmlElement and therefore you can easily add classes, styles etc.

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