What's new in 4.1.2?

Version 4.1.2 adds a whole 4 new examples into the downloadable ZIP archive. To keep things simple we decided to drop all the different ZIP files and have only one - agiletoolkit-4.1.2.zip. There are also bugfixes such as ability to use full url with getDestinationURL().

August 16thEnable use of callback in $field->validateField()

$form $page->add('Form');
$field $form->addField('line','age');
$field->get()<18)return 'Must be 18+';

August 16th$api->jui->addStaticInclude()

Calling jui->addInclude() or js()->_load() will attempt to load JavaScript file dynamically through AJAX. Some 3rd party JavaScript add-ons do not like that. Previously developer would had to manually add include text into shared template, now you can simply call:


Development History

All changes to the development version of Agile Toolkit are listed below.

Agile Toolkit Core
  • Release 4.2 NEW!
  • Release 4.1.2
  • August 2011
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