Model Use Example

Simply by combining the basic knowledge of the UI building with sophisticated Model classes you can create a powerful database management interafce with a studding inteface and AJAX interaction in a very short time.

The time it takes to develop it, however, is not as significant as the flexibility and extensibility of your initial design.

The following example implements a basic library system. The system operates with books, members and staff allowing member to borrow books.

The challenge of the database is that one book can't be borrowed twice and we decided not to link book with member directly. Instead there is a record which indicates who borrowed a book and when the book was returned.

This approach normally provides a number of challenges, however with Agile Toolkit it can be easily implemented with the standard controls. Besides the optimization of models produces about 1-2 queries per page and number of queries are not increasing together with the number of books. This is really significant for the scalability of web application and quick and fast response times.