Bundled Widgets

The alternative way to extend JavaScript is by using jQuery UI Widget Factory. It is similar to jQuery plugins, but Widget Factory is much more considerate to dynamic page modifications, multiple object instances on the page and cleaning up after element plugin is binded to is being destroyed.

A some examples of widgets are $.draggable() or $.dialog().

Agile Toolkit implements a lot of it's view-centrict functionality as widgets too. For example, Form view will initialize ui.atk4_form.js file and apply it on the form. This gives our form a lot of benefits such as:

  • Submit results through ajax
  • Track changes on form and prevent AJAX reload actions which might loose those changes
  • Support background file uploading
  • Support field reloading
  • Display form errors

Agile Toolkit does not attempt to create a best and most full-featured Form Widget, but instead it's designed to provide most of the frequently required functionality. If something else is missing such as browser-side validation, it can be added by adding extra widget

Other Widgets

There are many widgets in Agile Toolkit core distribution such as "notify" widget, which shows the Growl-like messages on the page; file upload widget, grid in-line editing widget, grid expander widget, ajax menu, replace checkboxes with bigger images and more.