The Way of Agile Toolkit

Learning Agile Toolkit

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Important: Be sure to use proper upper/lower case for your files and classes.

Important: If an example asks you to create a view/test.php file, create a "view" folder if it does not exist.

Important: When creating PHP files, be sure to add <?php at the start.

While having a conversation with another experienced PHP developer, he referred to his favorite PHP framework (which wasn't Agile Toolkit) and said: "There are no other PHP frameworks which are as easy to learn". While I agree that there are other frameworks which are Easier to learn, with Agile Toolkit it's easier to produce results.

That's why I'm including tons of different examples in this book. Each chapter ends with a fully-functional example. You can see the examples on-line or download the sources and play with them yourself.

I've modified the Learning part to have a fully-functional example at the end of each chapter. There are a lot of things in Agile Toolkit you will eventually learn, but that will never stop you from building simple web applications on your first day