Day 2: The Project

We have not written a single line of PHP yet, but in day 1, we setup the environment, created an empty Agile Toolkit project, and made sure we started with some good security defaults. If you followed along, you should now be looking at your screen the default page for new applications.

Welcome to Agile Toolkit

But you want more. You want to learn all the nitty gritty details of Web application development. So, let’s resume our trip to Agile Toolkit development nirvana.

Now, we will take the time to describe the requirements of the Jobeet project with some basic mockups.

The Project Pitch

Everybody is talking about the crisis nowadays. Unemployment is rising again.

You need to find a good job board. Monster you say? Think again. You need a focused job board. One where you can find the best people, the experts. One where it is easy, fast, and fun to look for a job, or to propose one.

Search no more. Jobeet is the place. Jobeet is Open-Source job board software that only does one thing, but does it well. It is easy to use, customize, extend, and embed into your website. It uses the latest Web 2.0 technologies to enhance user experience. It also provides feeds and an API to interact with it programatically.

Does it already exist? As a user, you will find a lot of job boards like Jobeet on the Internet. But try to find one which is Open-Source, and as feature-rich as what we propose here.

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