Contribute code to atk4-addons

This repository is composed of the code donated by various vendors. It's supplied as-is and with no charge. All th ecode added to atk4-addons are 'public domain' and can be used without restrictions.

Always review the code of the addon before using it

"mvc" addons

The Model implementation in Agile Toolkit 4.1 is still bundled as an add-on. The code is quite reliable and have been used in hundred of applications.

"misc" addons

Here are a bunch of un-related add-ons, such as CRUD exports (for CSV, XML export), Password strength checker, some form enhancements, model-builder based on SQL table. You will also find some commonly used models such as "Country", "Region". Another useful add-on is implementation of FileStore, which allows to upload and store file meta-data

Your addons

If you have developed some functionality for Agile Toolkit which you would like to share with others, Fork atk4-addons and add your files in. Once you've done that, send a "Pull" request for those files to be imported into the atk4-addons.

Your code must be published with 'public domain', 'MIT' or 'BSD' license.

Documenting Addons

Similarly how you added your add-ons, add the documentation for your add-ons. Currently you would need to fork atk4-web and add your add-on documentation under templates/jui/page/a/, then update file lib/Sitemap.php. Once you are finished, add a pull-request.

Not enough time?

Publish your project on git-hub and send us a message with the URL. We can help you out by converting some of your interseting tools into plug-ins.

We are still working on Add-on directory and standard for publishing add-ons.