Addons which actually help

Not often PHP developers are experienced a true cross-compatibility in software. Because of low requriements by the base PHP language, many libraries and add-ons are distributed as self-sufficient archives without.

In other words, each library you use does things in a different way. They don't talk or communicate. They consume huge amount of memory / cpu and often implementing from scratch is a better alternative.

Another problem which plagues PHP libraries is that they lack support for built-in PHP functions and technologies such as libxml, libxslt and so on. Agile Toolkit always tries to use built-in features even if it requires to install additional PHP module.

In Agile Toolkit — anything is an addon

Agile Toolkit looks for number of different resources as it is being executed. Those are PHP files, JS files, images, templates and so on. The job of locating those resources is handled by a component called PathFinder.

PathFinder contains list of directories containing each type of resource. As developer you can easily extend Agile Toolkit by adding new directories. This can be done to share some resources between multiple projects you develop or to attach additional add-ons. For example, in most cases you would want to include support for Models. This support is optional and is added through addons like this:


This code includes "atk4-addons", to find out more about this compliation of addons, visit our addon page. Our current colleciton is quite smoll so we might need YOUR help to add lots of new cool addons.

Add-on examples

When add-on is distributed, it includes the actual code, necessary templates, necessary pages or views and sometimes even documentation pages.


Problem Loading Google Map




CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete)

A built-in CRUD implementation is a must nowdays. Fortunatelly in Agile Toolkit building your own CRUD is really easy. Still if you don't have time to do so, you can use a built-in CRUD view


Name Days Worked Salary Edit Delete
Hello 0 10.00
Hello 0 10.00



What's next ?

Agile Toolkit is a young and very effective framework. Development of any web software is so much simpler. However Agile Toolkit 4 relies on stable code-base of AModules3 (not publicly released) and is already powering hundreds of commercial web products.