Agile Toolkit is Just a Beginning

When Agile Toolkit 4.0 was released to public in early 2011, it had less than 10 developers using it. By the end of 2011 the 4.1.3 version had several thousands installations across the world and large community of developers looking out for new developments. Many developers have recognized the great User Interface features and started using it in personal and commercial projects such as Support Ticket systems, Project management, Accounting systems, Payroll, Cloud Control Interfaces, Skill testing, Graphing and Plotting UI, Political discussion websites, Application Store Management System, Game statistics tracking, Racing database and even for an interface for ordering Salad from local cafeteria. However at this point some of the short comings of 4.1 were evident.

Version 4.2 Addresses Low-Level Structure

With the release of Agile Toolkit 4.2 the low-level functionality is being significantly re-factored and enhanced. Highly requested support for non-mysql SQL and no-SQL has been added into DSQL and Model and performance improved significantly. The 4.2 release has a much higher documentation standard which makes the whole framework transparent and more acceptable for serious developers.

Version 4.2 have also defined the API stack of the framework and provided a way to develop add-ons. With a fixed class structure, it is now much easier for any developer to create an add-on and share it.

Web Store

[Launching soon!] Starting with 4.2 you can now download and install additional add-ons from web store. The new web store allows 3rd party developers publish their code and themes as either free or paid download. If you have a great theme, new widget, controller or set of Models you want to share with the world, Web Store is the ideal place to do so.

Learning Agile Toolkit

Throughout 2011 the book called "Learning Agile Toolkit" was gradually published and even partially translated with help of some contributors. Series of screen-casts and tutorials were added to help out new developers find their way through Agile Toolkit.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could develop a Rich Web Application without leaving the comfort of your awesome PHP language? Agile Toolkit makes it possible.


Agile Toolkit community is focused around the for new developer support.

You are also welcome to join Agile Toolkit Development Group to witness how new features are created and added to the toolkit or provide your comments and suggestions.

If you are planning on using Agile Toolkit in serious projects, you should strongly consider getting your commercial license early.


Development of professional web projects based on Agile Toolkit is our bread and butter. Support our team by referring potential clients to companies investing into development of Agile Toolkit.

If you are planning on using Agile Toolkit in serious projects, you should strongly consider getting the license early which avails you to free commercial support.

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