Step 1: Revolutionary Approach to Web User Interface

Agile Toolkit comes with a powerful HTML-based, templates and many UI widgets you can use such as Forms, Buttons, Sliders, Menus. No other PHP Framework comes with User Interface as a standard. Graphical user interfaces changed desktop industry almost 30 years ago. Agile Toolkit revolutionize development of Web Applications today.

Backend, Front-end, Word-press plugin...

Agile Toolkit can be integrated with anything. Agile Toolkit is as big as you want it to be. You can adopt Agile Toolkit fully for your new application, or just use it to develop a single page.

Powerful AJAX Integration

Agile Toolkit is a first framework, which offers a tight and flexible integration between JavaScript, AJAX and PHP. Example below is programmed using only PHP code.

Widgets and Templates

Building re-usable widgets and controls is extremely easy with Agile Toolkit. Not only you will be able to re-use them in your new projects but you can bundle them with custom templates, javascript and powerful features. Widget will automatically adopt local theme and UI modifications.

"Alex" View Class

User Interface Consistency

If you have a long project ahead of you, you probably think that relying on Models/MVC/ORM principles will help your business logic become flexible. We extend this principle to the User Interface. Don't repeat yourself when writing markup for a button. Design your User Interface once and use it forewer.

Text Label

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