Step 3: Long-term Solid Foundation for Business Software

Today you may come across many curious hobbyist frameworks but many do not deserve to power your next big web project. Agile Toolkit is ready for Corporations and Businesses which have very strict expectations

Performance and Scalability

Frameworks introduce overheads. Caching is often the wrong solution. Agile Toolkit focuses at improving scalability of your application while keeping code clean and lightweight.

Agile Toolkit allows you to build extremely complex UI with minimum queries per page. Caching is no longer a necessity. Your code will be as you would have an SQL expert design all your database queries for you. And yet developers are not exposed to the dangers of raw SQL.

Prototype, that scaled

Often the code which used to put together a quick prototype software can't be used for a full-featured, commercial purposes. Agile Toolkit makes it possible. With Agile Toolkit you can develop quickly when you need results quickly. You can polish your application when your budget and time permits.

Security from Human Error

Developers make mistakes. For many web projects simple developer mistake became source of major corporate crisis.

It is in our nature to make mistakes. That's why Agile Toolkit has precautions. Your Web Software will consist of Business and Presentation logic. Business logic relies on Object-Oriented Models which introduce logical boundaries for the presentation logic.

For example, if "Purchase" model has a built-in condition preventing it from loading records owned by other users, not a single Widget or UI element, no matter how poorly written, will be able to access, create, change or delete restricted records. Even if they are physically stored in same database.


Two things are certain: 1) changing your code introduces bugs. 2) you will have to change your code.

With Agile Toolkit you have much less chance to unintentionally break your application. You can now safely follow principles of Extreme Programming or other Agile Methodology.

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