Step 2: Native PHP integration of jQuery

We know well that some things are better done on the server-side while other things are better done in the browser. When it comes to integrating JavaScript with PHP, most PHP frameworks offer no help at all.

Agile Toolkit has a unique Native integration. The principle is incredible simple yet amazingly powerful. You define JavaScript behaviour in a plain PHP language.

Below are just some examples of how short PHP code can produce a fully-functional AJAX applications. They demonstrate independence of widgets, and are both implemented as a short block of PHP code, no extra JavaScript or CSS required.


The Hangman Game

Select Difficulty

Everything just works!

Agile Toolkit hides a lot of complexity a typical use of JavaScript on AJAX site would encounter. Loading indication, dependencies, 3rd party jQuery plugin integration, load-on-demand, JavaScript escaping and encoding, JSON as well as many other small tasks are routinely performed by Agile Toolkit.

Hello World