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Inheritance diagram for View:
AbstractView AbstractObject Form_Basic Frame Lister View_Box View_Columns View_CRUD View_HtmlElement View_Tabs

Public Member Functions

 setElement ($element)
 setAttr ($attribute, $value=null)
 addClass ($class)
 removeClass ($class)
 setClass ($class)
 setStyle ($property, $style=null)
 addStyle ($property, $style=null)
 setText ($text)
 set ($text)
 setHtml ($html)
 defaultTemplate ()

Detailed Description

HtmlElement is a base class of any View which would render as a single HTML element. By default it puts

on your page, but you can change the element with setElement()
Use: $tabs=$this->add('View')->set('Hello')->addClass('myclass');

Member Function Documentation

addClass ( class)

Add class to element.

addStyle ( property,
style = null 

Add style to element

Redefine to return default template, when 4th argument of add() is omitted

Reimplemented from AbstractView.

Reimplemented in Lister, CompleteLister, Paginator_Basic, Grid_Advanced, View_Columns, View_Box, Menu_Basic, View_Tabs_jUItabs, Grid_Basic, InfoWindow, View_Hint, View_Button, and Frame.

removeClass ( class)
set ( text)

Alias for setText. Escapes HTML characters.

Reimplemented in View_Icon, View_Box, and HX.

setAttr ( attribute,
value = null 

Add attribute to element. Also supports hash for multiple attributes

setClass ( class)

Reimplemented in View_Button.

setElement ( element)

Change which element is used. 'div' by default, but change with this funciton

setHtml ( html)


setStyle ( property,
style = null 

Add style to element.

Reimplemented in View_Button.

setText ( text)

Sets text appearing inside element. Automatically escapes HTML characters

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