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URL Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for URL:
AbstractModel AbstractObject

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 addStickyArguments ()
 useAbsoluteURL ()
 setPage ($page=null)
 set ($argument, $value=null)
 get ($argument)
 setArguments ($arguments=array())
 __toString ()
 setURL ($url)
 setBaseURL ($base)
 getBaseURL ()
 getExtension ()
 getArguments ($url=null)
 getURL ()
 getHTMLURL ()

Data Fields

 $base_url = null

Protected Attributes

 $page = null
 $arguments = array()
 $extension = '.html'
 $absolute = false

Member Function Documentation

Reimplemented from AbstractObject.

[private] add arguments set as sticky through API

get ( argument)

Get value of an argument

getArguments ( url = null)

Returns html-encoded URL

getURL ( )
init ( )

Initialize object. Always call parent

This method is called for initialization

Reimplemented from AbstractObject.

set ( argument,
value = null 

Set additional arguments

setArguments ( arguments = array())

Set arguments to specified array

setBaseURL ( base)

By default uses detected base_url, but you can use this to redefine

setPage ( page = null)

[private] automatically called with 1st argument of getDestinationURL()

setURL ( url)

Call this if you want full URL, not relative

Field Documentation

$absolute = false [protected]
$arguments = array() [protected]
$base_url = null
$extension = '.html' [protected]
$page = null [protected]

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