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Paginator_Basic Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Paginator_Basic:
CompleteLister Lister View AbstractView AbstractObject Paginator

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 ipp ($ipp)
 setSource (&$s)
 applyHook ()
 defaultTemplate ()
 defaultSpot ()

Data Fields

 $ipp = 30
 $skip = 0
 $range = 4
 $source = null

Detailed Description

Paginator needs to have source set (which can be either dq or array). It will render itself into parent

Member Function Documentation

applyHook ( )

Default tag in parent's template where output is inserted, when 3rd argument of add() is omitted

Reimplemented from AbstractView.

Redefine to return default template, when 4th argument of add() is omitted

Reimplemented from CompleteLister.

init ( )

Initialize object. Always call parent

This method is called for initialization

Reimplemented from CompleteLister.

ipp ( ipp)

Set number of items displayed per page

setSource ( &$  s)

Specify DQ object

Field Documentation

$ipp = 30
$range = 4
$skip = 0
$source = null

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