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HX Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HX:
HtmlElement View_HtmlElement View AbstractView AbstractObject H1 H2 H3 H4 H5

Public Member Functions

 set ($text)
 sub ($text)
 recursiveRender ()

Data Fields

 $text = null
 $sub = null

Member Function Documentation

Recursively renders all views. Calls render() for all or for the one being cut. In some cases you may want to redefine this function instead of render(). The difference is that this function is called before sub-views are rendered, but render() is called after.

function recursiveRender(){ $this->add('Text')->set('test'); return parent::recursiveRender(); }

Reimplemented from AbstractView.

set ( text)

Alias for setText. Escapes HTML characters.

Reimplemented from View.

sub ( text)

Adds subtitle

Field Documentation

$sub = null
$text = null

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