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Form_Field_ValueList Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Form_Field_ValueList:
Form_Field AbstractView AbstractObject Form_Field_CheckboxList Form_Field_Dropdown Form_Field_Radio

Public Member Functions

 setModel ($m)
 setEmptyText ($empty_text)
 getValueList ()
 setValueList ($list)
 loadPOST ()

Data Fields

 $empty_text = ''

Member Function Documentation

loadPOST ( )

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

Reimplemented in Form_Field_CheckboxList.

setEmptyText ( empty_text)

Default value which is displayed on a null-value option. Set to "Select.." or "Pick one.."

setModel ( m)

Reimplemented from AbstractObject.

setValueList ( list)

Field Documentation

$empty_text = ''
Initial value:
                        0=>'No available options #1',
                        1=>'No available options #2',
                        2=>'No available options #3'

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