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Form_Field_Grouped Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Form_Field_Grouped:
Form_Field AbstractView AbstractObject

Public Member Functions

 getInput ($attr=array())
 setFormat ($format, $separator='-')
 loadPOST ()

Protected Attributes

 $format = '*'
 $separator = '-'

Detailed Description

Represents a field that consists of several groups of values separated by a divider, e.g. 123-456-789 Each group is a line input, separator is a text between inputs

Field value does not contain separators

To set the format of the field use the setFormat($format) method. $format is a string like '3-3-3-1', where numbers represent a number of chars in a group, '*' means all the remaining chars ($format='*' turns input to a generic line input)

Created on 01.02.2008 by *Camper* (

Member Function Documentation

getInput ( attr = array())

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

loadPOST ( )

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

setFormat ( format,
separator = '-' 

Field Documentation

$format = '*' [protected]
$separator = '-' [protected]

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

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