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Form_Field_DateSelector Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Form_Field_DateSelector:
Form_Field AbstractView AbstractObject

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 clearFieldValue ()
 set ($value)
 isEnabled ()
 enable ()
 disable ()
 setRequired ($is_required=true)
 setYearRange ($from=null, $to=null)
 loadPOST ()
 validate ()
 setOrder ($order)
 getInput ($attr=array())
 get ()

Protected Attributes

 $required = false
 $enabled = false
 $years = array()
 $days = array()
 $date_order = array('d','m','y')

Detailed Description

Date selection control. Consists of checkbox and three comboboxes (dropdown lists of days, months and years). Unchecking combobox sets value to zero date '0000-00-00' and disables the controls. Years list starts from previous year and finishes with next one (three options total) by default. It could be altered using setYearRange() method.

Kirich <>

Member Function Documentation

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

disable ( )

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

enable ( )
get ( )

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

getInput ( attr = array())

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

init ( )

Initialize object. Always call parent

This method is called for initialization

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

isEnabled ( )
loadPOST ( )

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

set ( value)

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

setOrder ( order)
setRequired ( is_required = true)
setYearRange ( from = null,
to = null 
validate ( )

Reimplemented from Form_Field.

Field Documentation

$c_day [protected]
$c_month [protected]
$c_year [protected]
$date_order = array('d','m','y') [protected]
$days = array() [protected]
$enabled = false [protected]
$months [protected]
Initial value:
 array('1'=>'Jan', '2'=>'Feb', '3'=>'Mar', '4'=>'Apr',
                        '5'=>'May', '6'=>'Jun', '7'=>'Jul', '8'=>'Aug',
                        '9'=>'Sep', '10'=>'Oct', '11'=>'Nov', '12'=>'Dec')
$required = false [protected]
$year_from [protected]
$year_to [protected]
$years = array() [protected]

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