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Field_Reference Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Field_Reference:
Field AbstractModel AbstractObject

Public Member Functions

 setModel ($model, $display_field=null)
 getModel ()
 sortable ($x=undefined)
 ref ($mode=null)
 refSQL ()
 getDereferenced ()
 destroy ()
 calculateSubQuery ($model, $select)

Data Fields

 $model_name = null
 $display_field = null
 $dereferenced_field = null
 $table_alias = null

Member Function Documentation

calculateSubQuery ( model,
destroy ( )

Removes object from parent and prevents it from renedring

Reimplemented from AbstractObject.

getModel ( )

Reimplemented from Field.

ref ( mode = null)

ref() will traverse reference and will attempt to load related model's entry. If the entry will fail to load it will return model which would not be loaded. This can be changed by specifying an argument:

'model' - simply create new model and return it without loading anything false or 'ignore' - will not even try to load anything null (default) - will tryLoad() 'load' - will always load the model and if record is not present, will fail 'create' - if record fails to load, will create new record, save, get ID and insert into $this 'link' - if record fails to load, will return new record, with appropriate afterSave hander, which will update current model also and save it too.

refSQL ( )
setModel ( model,
display_field = null 
sortable ( x = undefined)

Reimplemented from Field.

Field Documentation

$dereferenced_field = null
$display_field = null
$model_name = null
$table_alias = null

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