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DBlite_mysql Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 setCharsetProp ($name)
 getCharsetProp ()
 realConnect ($dsn=null)
 set_names ($name=null)
 useDB ($db)
 realQuery ($query, $params=null, $allow_extra=null)
 fetchArray ()
 fetchHash ()
 numRows ()
 numCols ()
 affectedRows ()
 lastID ()
 escape ($s)
 dts2tms ($dts)
 dump ($tables=null)
 setAutocommit ($bool=true)
 beginTransaction ($option=null)
 commit ($option=null)
 inTransaction ()
 rollback ($option=null)
 savepoint ($identifier)
 rollbackToSavepoint ($identifier)
 releaseSavepoint ($identifier)
 tableHasField ($table, $field)

Data Fields

 $transaction_depth = 0

Detailed Description

This class implements mysql compatibility for DBlite layer.

Romans <>
DBlite/2.0, driver revision 2 (updated by MVS)

Member Function Documentation

Rows affected by update/delete

beginTransaction ( option = null)

Begin a transaction, turning off autocommit

commit ( option = null)

Commit the changes

dts2tms ( dts)

[DEPRECATED] please use strtotime() analogue. convert datetime in mysql string format, return timestamp

dump ( tables = null)

Dumps db to a fileto a file

escape ( s)

Escapes special characters in a string for use in a SQL statement

fetchHash ( )

Returns true if there is a transaction started

lastID ( )

Rows after select statement

numCols ( )

Columns after select statement

numRows ( )

Rows after select statement

realConnect ( dsn = null)
realQuery ( query,
params = null,
allow_extra = null 
releaseSavepoint ( identifier)

Removes the named savepoint from the set of savepoints of the current transaction. No commit or rollback occurs. It is an error if the savepoint does not exist.

rollback ( option = null)

Rollback the changes

rollbackToSavepoint ( identifier)

rolls back a transaction to the named savepoint without terminating the transaction

savepoint ( identifier)

sets a named transaction savepoint with a name of identifier.

set_names ( name = null)
setAutocommit ( bool = true)
setCharsetProp ( name)
tableHasField ( table,

Retturns true if specified table has this field

useDB ( db)

Field Documentation


Value of current query

$transaction_depth = 0

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