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Controller_MVCForm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Controller_MVCForm:
AbstractController AbstractObject

Public Member Functions

 setActualFields ($fields)
 importFields ($model, $fields=undefined)
 importField ($field)
 setFields ()
 getFields ()
 getFieldType ($field)
 update ($form)

Data Fields

 $model = null
 $form = null
 $field_associations = array()

Member Function Documentation

getFields ( )
getFieldType ( field)

Redefine this to add special handling of your own fields

importField ( field)
importFields ( model,
fields = undefined 
setActualFields ( fields)
setFields ( )

Copies model field values into form

update ( form)

Field Documentation

$field_associations = array()
$form = null
$model = null

Connects regular form with a model and imports some fields. It also binds action on form->update(), which will now force model to be updated.

In most cases the following use is sufficient $form->setModel('SomeModel');

If you want to import fields from multiple models, you can use this: $ctl = $form->importFields($model,array('name','surname');

and if you want to use your own class based on this one, syntax is: $ctl = $form->add('Controller_MVCForm_Derived')->importFields($model,array('name','surname'));

You can subsequently call importField() to add additional fields such as:

$form_field = $ctl->importField('age');

which will return newly added form field.

Reimplemented from AbstractObject.

Initial value:

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