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BaseException Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BaseException:
DBlite_exception Exception_AccessDenied Exception_DB Exception_Hook Exception_InitError Exception_Logic Exception_NotConfigured Exception_NotImplemented Exception_Stop Exception_StopInit Exception_StopRender Exception_Template IOException MailException ObsoleteException PathFinder_Exception SMliteException SQLException System_ProcessIO_Exception

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 __construct ($msg, $func=null, $shift=1, $code=0)
 collectBasicData ($func, $shift, $code)
 addMoreInfo ($key, $value)
 addThis ($t)
 addAction ($key, $descr)
 getMyTrace ()
 getAdditionalMessage ()
 getMyFile ()
 getMyLine ()
 getHTML ($message=null)
 getText ()
 getDetailedHTML ()

Data Fields

 $shift = 0
 $owner = null
 $api = null
 $more_info = array()

Detailed Description

BaseException is parent of all exceptions in Agile Toolkit which are meant to be for informational purposes. There are also some exceptions (StopInit) which are used for data-flow.



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( msg,
func = null,
shift = 1,
code = 0 

Reimplemented in PathFinder_Exception, and SQLException.

Member Function Documentation

addAction ( key,

Actions will be displayed as links on the exception page allowing viewer to perform additional debug functions. addAction('show info',array('info'=>true)) will result in link to &info=1

addMoreInfo ( key,

Call this to add additional information to the exception you are about to throw

addThis ( t)

Add reference to the object. Do not call this directly, exception() method takes care of that

collectBasicData ( func,

Redefine this function to add additional HTML output

Reimplemented in DBlite_exception.

getHTML ( message = null)

Returns HTML representation of the exceptoin

Reimplemented in SQLException.

getMyFile ( )
getMyLine ( )
getText ( )

Returns Textual representaiton of the exception

init ( )

Reimplemented in Exception_Template.

Field Documentation

$api = null
$more_info = array()
$owner = null
$shift = 0

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