Agile Toolkit  4.2
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ApiFrontend Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ApiFrontend:
ApiWeb ApiCLI AbstractView AbstractObject

Public Member Functions

 initLayout ()
 routePages ($prefix, $ns=null)
 layout_Content ()
 pageNotFound ($e)
 execute ()
 getRSSURL ($rss, $args=array())

Data Fields

 $page_object = null
 $content_type = 'page'
 $page_class = 'Page'
 $namespace_routes = array()

Protected Member Functions

 loadStaticPage ($page)

Detailed Description

This is the most appropriate API file for your web application. It builds on top of ApiWeb and introduces concept of "Pages" on top of "Layout" concept defined in ApiWeb.

Member Function Documentation

execute ( )

- does nothing

Reimplemented from ApiWeb.

getRSSURL ( rss,
args = array() 

Content in the global (shared.html) template is rendered by page object. This method loads either class or static file

Reimplemented from ApiWeb.

Default handling of Content page. To be replaced by ApiFrontend

Reimplemented from ApiWeb.

loadStaticPage ( page) [protected]

Attempts to load static page. Raises exception if not found

pageNotFound ( e)

This method is called as a last resort, when page is not found. It receives the exception with the actual error

routePages ( prefix,
ns = null 

Field Documentation

$content_type = 'page'

(might be refactored) - type of returned content

$namespace_routes = array()

List of pages which are routed into namespace

$page_class = 'Page'

Class which is used for static pages

$page_object = null

When page is determined, it's class instance is created and stored in here

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