Model Documentation

$book $this->add('Model_Book')

Base Class for your Real-Life entities. For use with no-SQL Data Controllers. Implements active record. Compatible with most Views.

Model is a fundamental class in Agile Toolkit which introduces concept of a very basic Active Record mechanism. Models also hold meta-information about your entity fields such as types, captions, validation, etc

Goals and Features of Model

Hierarchical Business Model
Field Object
Database, Table, ID
Allow do modify existing Model
Multiple Data Controllers
Great Syntax
Field names are unique
Use in View or directly

What DSQL is not?

In the spirit of Agile Toolkit — all of it's classes are strictly focused on a one simple task, without trying to do everything. Here are things which Model will not do and why:

No code generation
No Relations, Dependencies, Conditions or Expressions
No emulation of SQL

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