Object for displaying simple lists of items. Lister is commonly used with model to list all matching entries by using your own template.

$list $this->add('Lister');
Table of Contents:

Once you've built your Model and populated table with CRUD, you would want to display this data with our own formatting. This is where a Lister comes in.

Lister will iterate through your Model, Array or Table outputing the contents. Most commonly Lister is used with a custom template

CompleteLister is a slightly more advanced implementation of Lister with support for totals and more sophisticated template

Lister is HTML-safe by default, even if model contains HTML tags they will be encoded

Compatibility with 4.1

In 4.1, you needed to use MVCLister to use it in conjunction with setModel(). It's no longer necessary, you can use Lister or CompleteLister. Instead of setStaticSource you should use a shorter function setSource.