Agile Toolkit CSS Framework

<div class="rounded atk-box white atk-row">
  <div class="span8"><?Content?></div>
  <div class="span4"><?Sidebar?></div>

Agile Toolkit relies on pure and clean HTML and CSS to present it's User Interface. It also does not rely on JavaScript for rendering of the basic look and feel of your application. As a result, the interface built on Agile Toolkit is very flexible, loads quickly and can be extended or optimized.

The most popular JavaScript framework jQuery has defined a standard CSS framework for Web UI elements which was adopted by thousands of jQuery plugins. This CSS is used as a foundation of Agile Toolkit CSS Framework. It is extended with additional features such as layouts, typography, framing and many other useful features.

Agile CSS Framework uses features of CSS3 / HTML5 but looks almost as good in some aging browsers.