Core Object Features

AbstractObject is a top-most object in Agile Toolkit hierarchy. It features number of features which is inherited by other objects.

Unlike other PHP frameworks which promote "decoupled" approach, all objects in Agile Toolkit including add-ons must inherit from the "Core" classes of Agile Toolkit. There are total of 4 classes organized as displayed on the diagram.

Core Class Reference (PHPDoc)

Class Description
AbstractObject Implements many basic features as explained in sub-chapters. Do not extend from this class directly, but use the next 3 classes instead.
AbstractView Implements a "visible" object base class. AbstractObject has a capacity to render themselves and take advantage of Template Parser.
AbstractModel Base class for classes which represent entities which makes business sense. Normally you should be able to manipulate multiple models and models would have some properties on it's own.
AbstractController Controllers are similar to Libraries and their task is to enhance features of other objects.