Re-usable Application Classes

You might be the type of developer, who likes when things are exactly how he wants. In this case you will find yourself carrying around some code snippets.

Agile Toolkit finally gives you a great way to move things around without actually copy-pasting things. First, create your own repository or a shared directory, which you can include in all your projects. Let's say it's located along the "atk4" and "atk4-addons" in a folder called "my-stuff".

Inside your own directories you would have your own API base-class along with some libraries.


class MyApi extends ApiFrontend {


When you are starting new application you would additionally need to do the following:

  • Copy or link "my-stuff" folder inside your new project
  • Manually include your application definition class inside index.php:
    include 'atk4/loader.php';
    $api=new Frontend();
  • lib/Frontend should extend MyApi instead of ApiFrontend

That's all you need to create a great way to re-use your code, templates or base models.