Registering Methods in Application

Application relies on "Controllers" to delegate most of it's functionality. For example, $api->locate() method uses PathFinder->locate() to get the actual results. The proxy method is defined in ApiCLI because it's an often-used one, however sometimes you need to create Application Controller which is used only rarely, but it still needs to be accessible through the $api.

Let's look at how you might want to create controller "System" which would define some of your system-wide logic. We would also want this controller to add few methods into the API class.

class Controller_System extends AbstractController {

// register ourselves with API

// add short-cut functions


What happens?

This example registers two ways how you can access the "System" controller. First from anywhere you can use $this->api->system. Secondly, new method is added into API which you can execute as $this->api->getUser();

Legacy support

Another great use for registered methods is legacy support. Throughout system refactoring some methods may cease to exist. However to handle compatibility a controller may register a method for backwards compatibility. Agile Toolkit comes with Controller_Compat which register few things needed for compatibility and you can use a similar technique inside your application

System-wide methods

Using addGlobalMethod() you can add method to all the objects of Agile Toolkit. The syntax is same and the first argument of the function will be reference to the object. See file atk4/Controller/Compat.php for more information.