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Read an On-Line Book

Agile Toolkit contains everything you need for your web development. It does not rely on any other libraries or frameworks. Learning to develop with Agile Toolkit is exciting and interesting process. "Learning Agile Toolkit" book will walk you through all the concepts of Agile Toolkit. It's the great way to start!

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Agile Toolkit Experts

One of our skilled developers with rich Agile Toolkit experience can develop your project, addon or theme.

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Class Reference

Documentation generated from PHPDOC embedded in a source code.

Doxygen: Class Reference

Examine Example Applications

There are several projects based on Agile Toolkit. Perhaps you would like to get under the hood and start looking at application code? Start with some simple examples and move on to complex projects such as AgileToolkit Web Site (yes, source code of this site) and Colubris.

Examples and Production Software developed on Agile Toolkit.

Follow a Tutorial

Tutorials will give you step-by-step instructions on to building a Web Software with Agile Toolkit. Result of Tutorial code is available from GitHub, so if you can't get something to work, you can easily peek into the resulting code for the particular day.

Agile Tutorial Section

Community, Social media and Blog

If you are stuck, looking to get in touch with other developers using Agile Toolkit or simply want to be up-to-date there are many way how you can reach or engage us. If you are using existing forum, board or mailing list to chat about Agile Toolkit, please let us know.

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What's new in the code?

Agile Toolkit is still evolving. The code is stable, but we are making it simpler and easier to use for our growing developer base. If you would like to know what have been added in the last releases, see our section for recent changes.

Recent changes in Agile Toolkit