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Apparently you have tried Agile Toolkit 4.1 and you've found the lack of documentation and incompatibility with various SQL databases and database models. We have listened to your feedback and have been working to build 4.2 up to your expectations. What's new?

If you are still lacking confidence, the team of Agile Toolkit-based project developers from the company behind Agile Toolkit (Agile Technologies) will be happy to assist you with project planning, UI integration, component development and team training.

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Early Adopters of 4.2

The 4.2 comes with a complete rewrite of DSQL, Model, Model_Table, Lister, CompleteLister and other View objects. It also introduces completely new CSS framework, much more powerful and much easier to customize than 4.1.

If you are willing to try 4.2, you will need to follow the installation guide to get it installed from "Git".

Instructions for Agile Toolkit 4.2

Add-on Development Upgrade

Agile Toolkit 4.2 brings a new structure for Add-ons which relies on PHP namespaces. Separating add-ons is much easier now and the official release of Agile Toolkit 4.2 will include Add-on installer interface. Once your add-ons are migrated for 4.2, you will be able to pack them and upload to where they will be available to other users either free or for a fee.

As developer you retain all rights to the add-on and you can decide how to price your add-on. You will receive 70% of the sale of your add-on.

Writing add-ons for Agile Toolkit 4.2