Official Agile Toolkit Learning Centers

We are currently working with partners to launch learning centers worldwide.

India and Singapore

To provide the best of Agile Toolkit and to expertise in web application development, we are collaborating with India's leading Open-Source training centre. Xavoc International is authorized to provide hands-on training along with certificate. You can apply for entrance examination from Xavoc's web site. Agile Toolkit Certification features:
  • Learn professional object oriented approach.
  • Out of the box DataBase Management skills.
  • Expert support from collaborated companies in your country.
  • Learn to write add-ons.
  • Special on-line lectures from agiletoolkit experts.
  • Expert the technologies like ORM, MVC, Ajax, DSQL, jQuery, Add-ons, hooks etc.
  • Fully Compatible with PaasP PHP cloud.
  • Final On-line-Examination from agiletoolkit UK, to get quality controlled education.

Screencast: Lost and Found project

Me and Armin from from will guide you through the creation of "Lost and Found" web app. This course consists of 15 hours of Screencasts and will guide you through installation of Agile Toolkit, getting started with your first application, backend, frontend, CSS styling and many more.

Agile Toolkit "Lost and Found" Screencast.

Screencast: Season 2:

This time we have 5 more episodes working on a project for School Enrollment application.

Agile Toolkit "School Enrollment" Application.