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Agile Toolkit is the new revolutionary way to develop web applications. It's available for free as an open-source project and the community doubles itself every month. The reason more and more people discover Agile Toolkit is because of our supporters who use social media to tell others about their experience with Agile Toolkit.

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We publish several blog posts every week and are very active on twitter. But there are thousands social resources out there - groups, communities, boards, forums and chatrooms. Mention Agile Toolkit to your friends, members of your community and your co-workers. Together it's more exciting to explore to learn this amazing new way to develop Web Software.

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Making a blog post, screencast video, writing an article, starting new forums for Agile Toolkit developers to meet and hang out on is very valuable for all of us. Post your thoughts, your achievemets, tricks and tips, compare with other frameworks or even offer some criticism for Agile Toolkit. Any publicity for us is a great help.