Agile Toolkit developer community relies on Stack Overflow portal for free community support and discussions. On Stack Overflow you earn reputation points by asking questions or answering them in a very structured way. Compared to Forums this makes it much easier to search for solutions and helps us get other experts involved

How to ask questions?

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Please be specific about your qusetion and make sure you mention that the question is related to "Agile Toolkit". We've got a dedicated tag [atk4] on SO (StackOverflow) to make it easier for you to search or subscribe to questions. Make sure that you also keep [php] [frameworks] and [user-interface] tags which will properly clasify the question

Accepting answers

When your question receives some answers, you should "accept" the answer which helped you to solve your problem. That will give reputation to the person who supplied the answer.


As you earn more reputation on StackOverflow you get more features un-locked. You will be able to vote for the questions and answers which you particularly liked. Because we love Agile Toolkit, we also love the questions about it. If you come across the answer which is helpful to you, don't forget to up-vote


When you get up to 25 reputation you will be able to talk in the Agile Toolkit chat room. Chat with to others about the features you would like to see in Agile Toolkit or about the project you would like to build on Agile Toolkit.

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