Sharing your code

Many of the PHP developers have very little experience with social code development. Code sharing is what makes frameworks such as Ruby on Rails strong and united. With Agile Toolkit we aim to pursue the same goals.

We encourage you to signup with - a social coding engine and publish any projects you work on. It will make it much easier for other developers to suggest you how to improve your project or for you to get any help. That will also be helpful for others who are following in your foot-steps and starting to learn about Agile Toolkit.

Uploading your code

If you are on a Mac or Windows here are, there official clients for Github.

GitHub for Mac GitHub for Windows

Contributing to other projects

Your help can be very helpful to many other projects. You've probably came across some grammar mistakes on THIS website. Try looking at the source of THIS PAGE and proposing an edit through GitHub's edit feature. At the same time you will learn more about templates, structure of a typical Agile Toolkit website and different tricks you could use in your own projects too.

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