Agile Toolkit Version 4.2

OpenSource Use

Great for both commercial and non-commercial projects, personal projects and intranet applications.

Your web app must contain a link to source code download page available to your web app users.

FREE - AGPL v3 Download

Closed Source Domain

Valid for single domain and single developer. Great for SaaS, web startups or long-term projects with protected intellectual property.

Non-expiring license valid for any amount of CPUs/Servers. You are not required to open-source your project code.

$130.00 - Bestseller! Buy

Professional License

Unlimited domains, unlimited applications, unlimited servers without need to open-source any of your code.

Valid for single developer for 1 year term. Must be renewed. Includes email support and quick issue resolution. Discounts available.

$460.00/year Buy

Why Purchase?

Agile Toolkit is a fast-paced framework backed by a company. To keep the quality of support, continiously bring out new add-ons and improve the basic structure, we continiously employ some awesome developers and designers. With a free (permissive) distribution model we wouldn't be able to provide fast-evolving, innovative technology inside Agile Toolkit.

If you do not own license for your domain, your projects source code must be available for it's users as per requirements of Affero General Public License. This promotes open-source and makes Agile Toolkit available to anyone.

You do not need to have a commercial license while your commercial application is in development and you are only using it within your development team. When you launch your website, you must purchase the appropriate license.

If you are only developing yoru application back-end in Agile Toolkit you will have a limited circle of users who can ask you for a source code personally. If you are using Agile Toolkit without licensing, please keep the footer text inact with the link to

Personal and Educational Use

For your personal, in-house projects you do neet to worry about license at all as you wouldn't be sharing it with anyone. If you are building projects for a group of friends or just for fun, strongly consider publishing source code on github and include the link inside your application.

OpenSource Support and Resources

  • On-line knowledge base on
  • Full source code access
  • Learning guide and Documentation
  • Screencasts and sample projects
  • Github issue tracker

Commercial license Support and Resources

  • Same business day email support
  • Instant-messaging support (skype, gtalk)
  • Your Code review, suggestions and hints
  • Assistance in architecture planning
  • Access to our private add-on library (CMS, CRM, SEO)
  • Dedicated developer hire fully trained in Agile Toolkit