www.agile55.com – First Official site to run new Agile CSS Framework

Thursday, November 21st, 2013|Version 4.3|by Romans

You might know that Agile Toolkit 4.3 has been in the works. One of the new components is a completely revamped CSS Framework. Although a lot of things are still moving around, we have a first website out and running on this up-coming CSS framework.


We have also decided to share the source of the site with you, this way you can get a “taste” for the up-coming features in new version of Agile Toolkit and Agile CSS.

 Agile CSS Framework


Me and Mayack started it as a simple rewrite of the CSS framework to improve look and feel of Agile Toolkit, however we realized that the this new CSS framework have a tremendous value on it’s own. We are evaluating the decision to release the CSS framework separately under the MIT license and make it free for use for everyone. Here are some of the features of the framework:

  • Focus on customization and theming – a standard way to fully change the look and feel of the site.
  • Be simple enough even for developers to understand how to write good HTML code
  • Provide standard set of classes for building layouts, UI elements – something you could copy-paste into your code.
  • Similar concept to jQuery UI CSS framework, combining multiple classes on a same div to achieve effect
  • Would come with large amount of widgets, comparable in size to Bootstrap
  • Would come with several default themes – demonstrating HOW you can tweak everything about your page
  • Support for color schemes (swatches)
  • Take full advantage of LESS language

Here is what a “theme” could look for Agile CSS Framework: https://github.com/agile55/agile55-theme/blob/master/css/agile55.less - and in addition you would need some images. Surprisingly a new theme will no longer require Theme Designers to write a lot of CSS. Instead they only configure the framework and some customizations through a flexible LESS file.

Agile55 Website

We have rebranded agiletech into Agile55, and that is still the team behind Agile Toolkit and related services. We decided to create our now homepage using up-coming CSS Framework. Furthermore – we decided to fully open-source the source of the website and the theme:

  • https://github.com/agile55/agile55-theme – CSS Theme
  • https://github.com/agile55/agile55.com – agile55 site
  • https://github.com/atk4/atk-default-theme – CSS Framework
  • Early documentation: https://github.com/atk4/docs/blob/master/non-php-components/css-less-framework.md

You are welcome to look at this and I’ll keep posting updates.