Agile Toolkit Weekend $1 sale

Friday, September 23rd, 2011|Beginner tips, Core changes, Misc, Version 4|by Romans

Agile Toolkit is Open for Business!

I am very pleased to announce that Agile Toolkit is finally ready to be used in your business applications. Not only the code-base, Learning guide and Documentation have matured over the last few months but we’ve got the resources to help you with your questions!

We are running $1.00 license sale. For just a single dollar you will get the following:

  • Developing a closed-source application with Agile Toolkit
  • Same business day email support
  • Instant-messaging support (skype, gtalk)
  • Your Code review, suggestions and hints
  • Missing a feature? Request it an we’ll make it!

Monday morning the per-domain price will be back to $130, so spend the weekend wisely and get a few licenses for yourself and make sure your friends are in it too.

Click it before it’s too late:


The open-source license (AGPL) was, is and will be always free. However it requires you to supply source code of your web applications to its users.

How can Agile Toolkit help?

Do you have your own project or web system? Maybe something you use in-house between yourself and your users?

Even if you only planning, chances are that Agile Toolkit could be a greater platform for you if you plan to have any type of interaction between your web server and users. If you heard about Agile Toolkit for the first time, watch the interactive introduction.

Why charge for software?

Because we want to keep it improving and growing. We have a great developers and designers over here who will continue to innovate and make tools to simplify Web Software development even more.

But isn’t PHP a bad language? I’ve heard only beginner sure it.

PHP is an amazing language. It lacks consistent and strong platform which would be aimed at simplifying development and also coming with a consistent User Interface library. That’s what Agile Toolkit is here to do. Even many developers who have gave up on PHP have recognized the patterns of Agile Toolkit to be “innovative”, “groundbreaking” and “smart”.

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Posted September 25, 20115:47 pm

Good offer, but unable to buy .. it shows a blank page ..