Video Introduction to Agile Toolkit

Monday, July 9th, 2012|Beginner tips, Verison 4.2|by Romans

If you have heard about Agile Toolkit but haven’t shared with your developer friends yet, now is a great time. This video is a great introduction to the basics of Agile Toolkit starting from the very start. What is Agile Toolkit? Why was it created? What is it best for? How it compares to other Web Frameworks?

Your questions are answered and the guide gives a great taste of what can be done with Agile Toolkit just in a few moments. This is the first podcast in the series with a new episode scheduled every week.

We are recording episodes live and if you are willing to participate and ask questions, here is the link for the second episode event:


Posted August 1, 20127:18 am

Hi, I appreciated this video introduction. Can you please advise a schedule for your upcoming episodes. I have started developing using 4.2.1 and see that you are using 4.2.2. Is this much different?
Thanks again.

Posted August 3, 20122:06 pm

The episodes are recorded every week. We have had a 2 “DRAFT” episodes and now we’re on a roll with a simpler, more structured and much clearer results.