Upcoming release 3.9.1

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010|Version 3|by Romans

There are number of stability improvements and code clean ups happening in trunk. We are getting ready to release minor update for our stable branch 3.9. Some of the features:

  • Ajax Form inline errors are back and working properly
  • Grids are going to be married with atk4_grid and will support row reloading and other things
  • Grid Inline editing is back!
  • Improved compatibility with older projects
  • … and more.

Tell me what would you like to see in upcoming release? Oh and meanwhile, we did our first public demonstration of Agile Toolkit 4:


We plan to wind-up our promotion as we are nearing closer to 4.0 release.

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Svetlozar Kondakov
Posted October 12, 20101:55 pm

I just checked the presentation .. and I can say WOW! indeed looks very promising and powerfull. I also am checkign the new demos. Very good impression!