The 25-minute video which could make you a dynamite web developer

Friday, August 3rd, 2012|Beginner tips, Verison 4.2|by Romans

Finally we have nailed it. After many attempts at making a half-decent screencast / tutorial, he have now created two amazing episodes, clean, structured and well articulated. We have also came up with a regular schedule for the up-coming recording.

Agile Toolkit Tutorial #1 – A better web development

Web development does not need to be complex. You have reinvented the wheel way too many times. It’s time to reinvent web development altogether. The source of inspiration for Agile Toolkit – the new web development framework – comes from Desktop and Mobile application development and object oriented toolkits. Our first tutorial episode will give you a very brief, 25-minute introduction to this new framework and will highlight some of main benefits.

Agile Toolkit Tutorial #2 – How to become a web developer

You might have installed WordPress or Joomla for your friends, but have you thought about earning your living with Web Development? To became a successful web app developer you will need to be efficient. You must know how to build software quickly and how to improve it over time without compromises. This tutorial episode will guide you through a prototyping phase of the application. Putting together a basic screens and UI elements just to show to your client or investors is easy and fast in Agile Toolkit. The best part is that you will be able to continue and enhance your prototype until it becomes a fully-featured scalable web application / service.

Take part in the next hangout

We are recording Agile Toolkit Tutorials now on a weekly basis, every wednesday. If you have a microphone you can participate too. We use Google Hangout and ScreenFlow to record and edit episodes. Come along for the next one, register on our Google Event page.

The next episode will focus on the awesome back-end features of Agile Toolkit – Active Record, Object Relational Manager, Multi-table Models and how to use full potential of your SQL database to build scalable web software.

If you can’t make it to the next one, come next wednesday 1:30 UK time ( This is a weekly event.


Posted August 14, 20127:34 am

Just watched part2. Very helpful in showing the power of AgileToolkit and simple steps for the beginner. Well Done !!!

Posted December 26, 20129:21 am

Last blog entry is from August 3rd. Does this also mean that atk development is in danger…? I’m really excited about atk way of thinking and I’ m seriously thinking about creating a project with it.. But… What does the roadmap look like?

Posted December 26, 20124:05 pm

Not really. There are tons of emails in our mailing list daily. It’s just too many resources for me to update, so blog, twitter are quiet for now. Certainly join our google group. When you download latest Agile Toolkit, you’ll have all the links under “Documentation” ..