PHP5 Forms with AJAX submit – best practices

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011|Beginner tips, Brainstorming, Version 3, Version 4|by Romans|

Forms are the foundation of interactive web and what we call Web 2.0. In this article I will walk through the possible problems web developers encounter when creating web forms and solutions to those problems.

This article will be useful to people who are starting web development or who are experienced at it.

This article refers to Form implementation in Agile Toolkit. For documentation and demonstrations of forms in Agile Toolkit see

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Google-friendly AJAX popups

Saturday, March 19th, 2011|Beginner tips|by Romans|1 Comment

For web developers it is always a big choice, whether to use a regular links or load data through AJAX. Regular links are boring and old, but AJAX is not supported by Google and other crawlers.

The solution is to have a regular link pointing to the page, but also add JavaScript on that link which will cancel default action and will load page dynamically.

This is exactly how we decided to implement 3 pages on

  • download page (integrates with twitter and starts download automatically)
  • newsletter page (integrates with Campaign Monitor)
  • contact page (integrates with Database and Email Sender)

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Selective view rendering in Web Applications

Sunday, November 7th, 2010|Brainstorming, Version 3, Version 4|by Romans|2 Comments

Today – any desktop software is able to re-draw itself from a callback by operating system. However many Web Frameworks today do not keep track of objects and cannot selectively produce pieces of HTML code.

I believe that ability to have control over objects on HTML pages is very essential to have in the Framework. Here is why:

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Upcoming release 3.9.1

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010|Version 3|by Romans|1 Comment

There are number of stability improvements and code clean ups happening in trunk. We are getting ready to release minor update for our stable branch 3.9. Some of the features:

  • Ajax Form inline errors are back and working properly
  • Grids are going to be married with atk4_grid and will support row reloading and other things
  • Grid Inline editing is back!
  • Improved compatibility with older projects
  • … and more.

Tell me what would you like to see in upcoming release? Oh and meanwhile, we did our first public demonstration of Agile Toolkit 4:

We plan to wind-up our promotion as we are nearing closer to 4.0 release.

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Agile Toolkit Demo (animation, info and feature display)

Saturday, July 31st, 2010|Misc, Version 3|by Romans|4 Comments

Hi All.

I wanted to let you all know, that I have just completed a nice piece. It is a animated demo on JavaScript which uses AJAX and Agile Toolkit.

Enjoy. I might post sources later on. It took me 4 hours to develop that demo from scratch.

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Reloading page with AJAX

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010|Beginner tips, Version 3|by Romans|2 Comments

I receive a lot of questions about how to reload page with Agile Toolkit in certain conditions. There are many approaches and I wanted to write a blog post just about that.
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Symfony 2.0 vs Agile Toolkit 3.8 – part 2 – The View

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010|Misc|by Romans|

This post continues comparison of Agile Toolkit and Symfony 2.0. This post is based on features described in Quick tour – page 2
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How JavaScript layer works in Agile Toolkit

Monday, April 26th, 2010|Beginner tips, Version 3|by Romans|1 Comment

Half year ago we have introduced jQuery / Chain into AModules3 (former name for Agile Toolkit). It allows us to clean up a lot of older code and at the same time give developers a way to do many new things in a flexible way.

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univ().ajaxify() method

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010|Beginner tips, Version 3|by Romans|

The other day I have added this method for skai, but it’s actually a very curious one.

Agile Toolkit 4 uses atk4_loader widget for AJAX requests. Syntax is very similar to jQuery:

  • jQuery: $(‘#div’).load(‘url’);
  • atk4:  $(‘#div’).atk4_load(‘url’);

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