Sneak Peak into Agile Toolkit new website..

Friday, January 28th, 2011|Beginner tips, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans

Agile Toolkit is a new — more efficient way way to build Web Software.

Agile Toolkit is a high-performance PHP framework for UI development with jQuery. High levels of efficiency are achieved because your database and your UI are seamlessly and securely integrated. You achieve more with less code

We are getting ready to unveil our new website for Agile Toolkit. A lot of things are still being written and added, but we decided to share it with readers of this blog.

I would love to hear any feedback on the website or in general.

Get in Touch

We are trying to reserve a spot to talk on Bizcamp Newry. This would be our first public talk / announcement. Please follow us on twitter for more updates:


Posted February 8, 20115:14 pm

Hi! Do you have kind of forum or something to ask questions?

Posted February 8, 20118:55 pm

Hi Sergey.

No, not yet. You can ask here.

Posted March 18, 20112:23 pm

Hi Romans,

This is Babu…. your technology seems to be awesome and very efficient one.It would be more better for me if there is any complete reference materials for this technology because i am working in a project using this framework.

Are you a developer of this framework or just learning and using framework for your projects?

Posted March 19, 20113:41 am

Hi Babu.

I am core developer. I am working on additional resources and documentation while also trying to put all the feedback together. Please subscribe to newsletter, blog, or follow @atk4 on twitter, I am posting updates frequently and will be announcing tutorials soon and some parts of the reference documentation. Thanks for your feedback.