New Screencast Series for PHP Developers

Friday, November 11th, 2011|Beginner tips, Misc|by Romans

I have asked few people in London, who was up to help me out with Screencasts. Few people responded who have some ideas they wanted to implement in Agile Toolkit. I was able to help them and recorded our sessions. I now have 8 hours of screencast footage, which I’ll be releasing to youtube.

Subscribe to my channel on YouTube to see the screencasts as soon as I publish them.

The first 6 one-hour sessions is about creating a simple Task Manager. Many thanks to Maurizio for his participations.

Screencast with me!

If you’ve got Skype and great idea for Agile Toolkit we could help each-other. I can help you move forward with your idea and I would get a material for a new screencast session. Please use contact form to send me your ideas.