Licensing of Agile Toolkit

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010|Brainstorming, Core changes, Misc|by Romans

While we are still debating, most probably Agile Toolkit 4 will be available under the General Public License. It will be dual-licensed under commercial license if you wish to use it in commercial applications. The same principle will apply on all the code, plugins, modules.

Community Edition

Current licensing for AModules3 which have been adopted since 2003 is Lesser GPL. Starting with version 4, we plan to switch to GPL as our open-source license.

Commercial Edition

Alternatively we will supply a commercial license. It will be based of the same foundation but would focus on stability, security and increased productivity of our users. Commercial license can be purchased per-developer. License is issued for a year with ability to extend it. During licensing period you will avail to all new releases and updates. You can use ATK4 in as many projects as you wish.

We are also going to select a team of “early adopters”, who are currently using this framework and giving us feedback. We look forward to offer you all of our new tools and modules in exchange for your feedback. We would also love to have you as a contributors.

If you are independent developer:

If you are a freelance developer, it makes most sense for you to first try out community edition. Create a couple of projects and make sure you are comfortable with the framework. When you will need to use framework in your next project – include extra in your quote. This will help you to purchase your own developer’s license. With active license you can continue developing other commercial projects. There are no restrictions how many installations you have of your project, on how many CPU machine uses.

For business owners whose software is developed using the framework – there are no recurring charges. However if they hire new developer to continue work on the application, he would require active license.

Medium businesses:

Larger companies usually keep their development in-house. We will offer discounts for teams of 5 developers, 25 developers and so on. Also additional services will be available such as presentations, lectures, courses etc..

Open-source projects

We love open-source and we are willing to support any open-sources projects which are willing to use Agile Toolkit. Authors of open-source software can use framework without limitation. There will be community portal – wikis, forums and mailing lists for community support.