Agile Toolkit 4.2 is Released!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012|Core changes, Verison 4.2|by Romans|1 Comment

Agile Toolkit 4.2 is now available to download from

This release is the result of a half year effort and is based on the feedback we have received on 4.1 version. It brings a lot of improvements and enhancements but the primary goal is to create a fully transparent and fully-documented underlying architecture and promote extensibility through add-ons. The syntax of a new version is compatible with 4.1 with some exceptions outlined in our upgrade notes.

If you are new to Agile Toolkit — follow to our interactive introduction.

New Data Model

Agile Toolkit have always had a powerful ORM manager, but the Active Record support was lacking. With 4.2 the base classes for Models and Relational Models are completely rewritten. The new structure is much more extensible and efficient. The syntax has been simplified considerably.

The Agile Toolkit have been well received in the small companies and with new release it now targets medium companies. Support for variety of relational databases now includes SQLite, PostgreSQL and can be extended very easily for any database supported by underlying PDO architecture. Agile Toolkit now also have a set of models which can be used with no-SQL databases, caches and transparent APIs.

Support for additional databases, techniques and protocols will be coming through add-ons.

New CSS Framework

Although the interface retains the similar look, the underlying CSS framework is now much more powerful. It’s been re-writen using lessCSS and is based on 12-column grid system. CSS classes are much easier to use and build your interface with. The alteration of the look can also be easily achieved, things like line radius, spacings, number of columns, footer behavior can be very easily changed through a very simple CSS configuration file.

New Add-on architecture

With the version of 4.2 minimum requirement for PHP is now 5.3. That enables the use of namespaces. With namespaces developing add-ons for Agile Toolkit is pure enjoyment. You will find a add-on developer guide on our documentation site, but what’s really important is that your add-on can rely on core user interface, other addons and contain both the library and UI elements. This makes it possible for addons to be quite awesome. Developer of payment gateway can now provide developers with the actual payment form instead of set of functions written in the low-level PHP.

Fully Documented

Agile Toolkit is coming from a closed-source environment. It was initially designed to be used within our web development company: Agile Technologies. We have open-sourced our Agile Toolkit in early 2011 but it is only now that the documentation have matured enough for wide adoption.

Become Agile!!

For all web developers either freelancers or working for the companies there are many reasons for using Agile Toolkit in your next project or in your company. If you need to look at some project examples, here are some example sites launched recently and built completely in Agile Toolkit. If your project has already started why not:

  • develop Administrative Back-end using Agile Toolkit to save time.
  • re-build your model structure on Agile Toolkit ORM and improve security.
  • use Agile Toolkit for serving static pages and improve speed.

If you are in the need of custom web development using Agile Toolkit, consultancy, training or add-on development — our experienced team can offer you great solution (we are now based in London, UK)

We are hiring!

Are you looking to join a great team to join which values great software design and your artistic programming skills? Would you want to collaborate as a part-time freelancer or a full-time employee? We have some great employment offers and real projects you can join. Contact jobs at

Sneak Peak into Agile Toolkit 4.2

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Verison 4.2, Version 4|by Romans|9 Comments

As we nearing our deadline fro 4.2 release a lot of cool features have been added into development branch of Agile Toolkit such as:

  • Completely new “TMail” implementation
  • Completely new “DB” implementation based on PDO
  • Completely new “DSQL” implementation
  • Completely new “Model” implementation
  • Completely new SMlite implementation
  • Improvements in Site Debugging

The new implementations are functionally compatible with the 4.1 branch, although the do offer a number of benefits. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the new features about the new component implementation.

Another important feature of all the new modules is that they are are under heavy automated testing from the very start.

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Agile Toolkit Weekend $1 sale

Friday, September 23rd, 2011|Beginner tips, Core changes, Misc, Version 4|by Romans|1 Comment

Agile Toolkit is Open for Business!

I am very pleased to announce that Agile Toolkit is finally ready to be used in your business applications. Not only the code-base, Learning guide and Documentation have matured over the last few months but we’ve got the resources to help you with your questions!

We are running $1.00 license sale. For just a single dollar you will get the following:

  • Developing a closed-source application with Agile Toolkit
  • Same business day email support
  • Instant-messaging support (skype, gtalk)
  • Your Code review, suggestions and hints
  • Missing a feature? Request it an we’ll make it!

Monday morning the per-domain price will be back to $130, so spend the weekend wisely and get a few licenses for yourself and make sure your friends are in it too.

Click it before it’s too late:

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Stable release 4.1 is finally here

Monday, August 22nd, 2011|Core changes, Misc, Version 4|by Romans|1 Comment

For all of you who have tried version 4.0.3 and have been stuck with it for a while, now it’s the right time to upgrade. There are a lot of new features and I’ll try to quickly go over the ones which are most important.

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Learning Agile Toolkit – the Book

Monday, August 15th, 2011|Beginner tips, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|2 Comments

More and more pages are being added into a “Learning Agile Toolkit” book. The section explaining the fundamentals of Agile Toolkit is mostly complete:

The most recent addition was JavaScript chains section and Models section.

Looking for PDO compatibility testers in Agile Toolkit

Sunday, July 10th, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|

I now need your help with testing. It shouldn’t take too much time. I would love if you could test non-mysql database connectivity.

The test-suite is located in github, with public access:

Installation is straightforward, similar to in the configuration file you would need to add:


Instead of mysql you can use different database. Once you open it locally, you should see this:

I am combining the new module from experementall stuff and dblite and it turns out AWESOME. Parametric queries, sub-queries, cache, everything is done elegantly:

I will document it all properly as soon as the module is finished. Please report any errors right away. Other areas will be eventually added. Do not use new PDO driver for production yet. It will be made more compatible and more integrated with the rest of Agile Toolkit.

What’s coming up in Agile Toolkit 4.1?

Saturday, May 14th, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|5 Comments

Sneak peak into 4.1 which is scheduled to be released this summer.

  • New Theme. Your web application will look even sexier by default. We will also keep current “jui” theme. Both themes are using jQuery UI CSS framework and 960 grid system, but will also allow full-width applications.
  • Possibly improved template parser. I’ve run couple of tests on real-life application. Agile Toolkit is quite fast. The component with takes most of the time is SMlite (our template parser). By rewriting it more efficiently we might be able to improve raw performance of applications. There are still few bugs to iron out. (If you are really good with regular expressions, please contact me, I could use some help!)
  • Testing for the rest of us. Honestly, I think other testing suites for PHP suck. So we’ll have our own. Writing test scripts will be as easy as adding 5-line function. You will see a visual console right away which will automatically capture output, will save testing results into database with revisions and additional information, will allow to convert unit tests into speed-tests and memory consumption tests. It will also have some other nifty features.
  • PDO support (although we will primarily support only MySQL)
  • Model to SQL convertor.
  • New add-on: Sexy password checker based on crack-lib. To add: $field->add(‘StrengthChecker’,null,’after_field’);
  • New add-on: Infinite-add form
  • New add-on: AJAX CRUD
  • Filestore_Image: Support for image uploads, automates resize, crop and other management.
  • SEO goodies: Simpler way to customize meta-tags

Many other enhancements, listed here: or in github:

As you probably know, Agile Toolkit is free to use if you are using it in Open-Source project. We plan to also offer it for free for personal, education and non-profit projects. We are also will be giving away commercial licenses to early adopters. If you are already using Agile Toolkit, get in touch with us for a free license.

As our launch draws closer, we will deploy community forum and other resources. Stay tuned by following or subscribing!

New blog theme and finished domain move.

Saturday, February 19th, 2011|Core changes, Misc|by Romans|

We have now completed moving everything on to new domain. Expect for, but we would rather re-vise all the demos and put them more in-context. We have already started and our introduction is filled with with examples.


New domain name and PHP / Agile Toolkit courses in Dublin

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011|Core changes, Misc, Version 3, Version 4|by Romans|2 Comments

Unfortunately too many can’t remember or spell atk4, so we will be moving to a new domain:

We have been thinking about some new domain for the toolkit as well, but nothing comes to mind, so for time being we will leave it as “Agile Toolkit”. If you have a interesting idea – please share with me, I’d love to hear.

Also — we are looking to start a first courses in Dublin (on Saturdays) on the toolkit, so everyone who can attend — should attend. Courses will be free but I would expect some feedback in return. It would also give me more practice on teaching, so if you are willing to come — leave a note in the comments. I will announce the place on this blog once we secure the place.

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Sneak Peak into Agile Toolkit new website..

Friday, January 28th, 2011|Beginner tips, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|4 Comments

Agile Toolkit is a new — more efficient way way to build Web Software.

Agile Toolkit is a high-performance PHP framework for UI development with jQuery. High levels of efficiency are achieved because your database and your UI are seamlessly and securely integrated. You achieve more with less code

We are getting ready to unveil our new website for Agile Toolkit. A lot of things are still being written and added, but we decided to share it with readers of this blog.

I would love to hear any feedback on the website or in general.

Get in Touch

We are trying to reserve a spot to talk on Bizcamp Newry. This would be our first public talk / announcement. Please follow us on twitter for more updates:

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