How to execute PHP code from JavaScript

Monday, November 14th, 2011|Beginner tips, Brainstorming, Verison 4.2|by Romans|

If you are only starting with PHP and Web Development, questions like “how to execute PHP from JavaScript” are inevitable. First I must say that JavaScript and PHP are living on the different sides of the fence and are simply throwing ball over to each-other. So your JavaScript needs a request to the PHP asking it to execute some code.

Unless you want to reinvent the wheel, you should look into using some AJAX / PHP library. Agile Toolkit amongst other can be a great help when you want to build interaction between JavaScript and PHP.

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Sneak Peak into Agile Toolkit 4.2

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Verison 4.2, Version 4|by Romans|9 Comments

As we nearing our deadline fro 4.2 release a lot of cool features have been added into development branch of Agile Toolkit such as:

  • Completely new “TMail” implementation
  • Completely new “DB” implementation based on PDO
  • Completely new “DSQL” implementation
  • Completely new “Model” implementation
  • Completely new SMlite implementation
  • Improvements in Site Debugging

The new implementations are functionally compatible with the 4.1 branch, although the do offer a number of benefits. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the new features about the new component implementation.

Another important feature of all the new modules is that they are are under heavy automated testing from the very start.

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Next Step in Web Development – UI Frameworks

Thursday, September 8th, 2011|Beginner tips, Brainstorming, Misc|by Romans|1 Comment

Over the decade now web developers had to constantly evolve and learn more and more skills. The basic knowledge of HTML and the server-side language (such as PHP) is no longer sufficient. Expectations for web applications grow and Web Developers need to know CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL as wall as many other libraries and frameworks – jQuery, CSS Frameworks, PHP Frameworks.

How do we turn it over and make things easier? Answer is — PHP UI Framework.

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Agile Toolkit for CodeIgniter developer

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011|Beginner tips, Brainstorming, Version 4|by Romans|4 Comments

Welcome to the series of posts which helps you understand Agile Toolkit if you are coming from one of the other PHP Frameworks.

This post focuses on developers who are already familiar with CI (Code Igniter) and are willing to try Agile Toolkit.

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Agile Toolkit – Chat room

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011|Brainstorming, Misc, Version 4|by Romans|

With increasing popularity of Agile Toolkit, I’m getting more requests from volunteers and people who want to actively learn it. While forum and community portal is still in our short-term plans, we are now using for daily communication.

You would need to register with stack overflow and get some reputation if you want to chat, so be sure to ask a couple of “atk4″ questions (or answers)

Looking for PDO compatibility testers in Agile Toolkit

Sunday, July 10th, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|

I now need your help with testing. It shouldn’t take too much time. I would love if you could test non-mysql database connectivity.

The test-suite is located in github, with public access:

Installation is straightforward, similar to in the configuration file you would need to add:


Instead of mysql you can use different database. Once you open it locally, you should see this:

I am combining the new module from experementall stuff and dblite and it turns out AWESOME. Parametric queries, sub-queries, cache, everything is done elegantly:

I will document it all properly as soon as the module is finished. Please report any errors right away. Other areas will be eventually added. Do not use new PDO driver for production yet. It will be made more compatible and more integrated with the rest of Agile Toolkit.

What’s coming up in Agile Toolkit 4.1?

Saturday, May 14th, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|5 Comments

Sneak peak into 4.1 which is scheduled to be released this summer.

  • New Theme. Your web application will look even sexier by default. We will also keep current “jui” theme. Both themes are using jQuery UI CSS framework and 960 grid system, but will also allow full-width applications.
  • Possibly improved template parser. I’ve run couple of tests on real-life application. Agile Toolkit is quite fast. The component with takes most of the time is SMlite (our template parser). By rewriting it more efficiently we might be able to improve raw performance of applications. There are still few bugs to iron out. (If you are really good with regular expressions, please contact me, I could use some help!)
  • Testing for the rest of us. Honestly, I think other testing suites for PHP suck. So we’ll have our own. Writing test scripts will be as easy as adding 5-line function. You will see a visual console right away which will automatically capture output, will save testing results into database with revisions and additional information, will allow to convert unit tests into speed-tests and memory consumption tests. It will also have some other nifty features.
  • PDO support (although we will primarily support only MySQL)
  • Model to SQL convertor.
  • New add-on: Sexy password checker based on crack-lib. To add: $field->add(‘StrengthChecker’,null,’after_field’);
  • New add-on: Infinite-add form
  • New add-on: AJAX CRUD
  • Filestore_Image: Support for image uploads, automates resize, crop and other management.
  • SEO goodies: Simpler way to customize meta-tags

Many other enhancements, listed here: or in github:

As you probably know, Agile Toolkit is free to use if you are using it in Open-Source project. We plan to also offer it for free for personal, education and non-profit projects. We are also will be giving away commercial licenses to early adopters. If you are already using Agile Toolkit, get in touch with us for a free license.

As our launch draws closer, we will deploy community forum and other resources. Stay tuned by following or subscribing!

Comparison of Propel, Doctrine and Agile Toolkit ORM

Sunday, April 24th, 2011|Brainstorming, Version 4|by Romans|4 Comments

In this article I am comparing many different aspects of the 3 different ORM systems. ORM means Object Relational Mapping and it is a way to present database data in object-oriented way. Agile Toolkit is a full PHP UI Framework but it comes with a built-in ORM (Object Relational Mapping). Propel and Doctrine are the two most popular ORM engines for PHP today. In this article I am comparing many different aspects of the 3 different ORM systems.

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What needs to be done for 4.0.4 version

Friday, April 22nd, 2011|Brainstorming, Version 4|by Romans|

We are looking forward to releasing 4.0.4 version and are thinking what kind of features people need in a stable branch. Currently we would like to add:

  • Question feed from StackOverflow embedded into example app
  • Issue feed from
  • Back-port support for setModel() from 4.1 branch

Are there anything else what you are willing to see in next STABLE release. Our priority is stability of the code and compatibility for existing 4.0 software, but please comment and suggest.

PHP5 Forms with AJAX submit – best practices

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011|Beginner tips, Brainstorming, Version 3, Version 4|by Romans|

Forms are the foundation of interactive web and what we call Web 2.0. In this article I will walk through the possible problems web developers encounter when creating web forms and solutions to those problems.

This article will be useful to people who are starting web development or who are experienced at it.

This article refers to Form implementation in Agile Toolkit. For documentation and demonstrations of forms in Agile Toolkit see

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