Agile Toolkit Translations

Friday, May 20th, 2011|Uncategorized|by Romans

I wanted to tell thanks to those few, who have offered to translate Agile Toolkit into different languages. Verison 4.1 is coming with multi-lingual support and we will also work with volunteers to translate documentation on this website.

If you are willing to help us out with translations as we prepare documentation, you need just the knowledge of Git. is built on the framework itself, so it separates content from the logic. Here are the steps for you to get startedt:

  1. open and click “fork”. You will get new repository such as yourname/atk4-web
  2. clone repository to your local computer
  3. checkout devel
  4. git submodules init
  5. git submodules update
  6. modify main.php by adding ‘pl’ argument for app creation. This sets locale.
    open http://localhost/?page=learn/install/lamp header and first paragraph should be in polish.
  7. inside locale/pl you will have 3 directories. ‘lib’, ‘page’ and ’templates’. Copy only the content you are going to change from templates/jui -> locale/pl/templates
  8. commit back to your repository.
  9. if directories do not exist for your language, then you can create them easily.
  10. create “pull request” once you have added some pages.

Follow on the files as they are being changed. We are doing severe improvements on our front page and introduction. Look into lib/Sitemap.php to see how documentation is going to be laid out.


Huge thanks to those helping us out and making Agile Toolkit more accessible to more people!